Boolajah Information Technology Solutions

  • Web Design

Do you have a website? Is your website professional?  Does it contain all the components a successful website should contain? You may have never had a website or you may have one that doesn’t live up to your expectations. Whatever your case, Boolajah includes all the components of a successful website in its web design packages.   Imagine a website that generates new customers, allows you to modify content without special skills, doesn’t break your budget, or nickel and dime you with fees. Our experienced staff of web design experts will design a website that’s perfect for you no matter what it requires.  We can do websites that include E-Commerce, Content Management, Optimization, forms, flash or whatever else you need.

  • Networking

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Boolajah offers a full range of network support.  When it comes to network support, no two organizations have the exact same needs.  That’s why we employ a staff of IT professionals with a wide variety of IT skill sets to meet your specific networking needs. We offer virtual server installations, user account maintenance, remote troubleshooting and diagnostics, wireless networking, e-mail setup and support, hardware/software repair and maintenance, and same day response. From large businesses to home office setups, Boolajah has the expertise to meet your needs. We employ 3 MCCP’s, 3 CCNA’s, and 2 network administrators to keep your networks up and functionals. Please call for a free consultation.

  • Software Development

Do you need a software application that is specific to your business or industry?  Have in idea that would increase automation or productivity but need it developed?  Our experienced team of software developers will develop and implement a software solution specifically for your business.  Boolajah has a team of experienced software develops who are trained in a wide variety of software languages.   Just tell us what you want, and we will deliver it.

  • Content Management Systems

Content Management systems are websites or computer systems that offer ease of changing or managing content.  Boolajah can provide you with access to website content and offer training on how to change it your websites, text, images, videos and other content.  You don’t need any special skills and won’t have to pay every time you need your websites content updated.

  • Mobile Applications

CellphoneDo you have an idea for a mobile application or need an app for your business? Boolajah has experienced mobile application developers who can develop your app for android and iOS.  From envisioning to implementation into the app stores we can do it.  We can also include an App for your web package.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the methods used to improve the visibility of a website in search engines using un-paid search results. This means we do everything we can to make a website show up in Google and other search engines when someone uses a search engine to search for a keyword. When Boolajah optimizes a website, we edit or create its content, HTML, and possibly its codes to increase the relevance of its intended keywords and remove any barriers to search engine spiders from their indexing activities. We can also promote a website to increase its number of backlinks. We offer SEO services stand alone or as part of our web design.

  • Placement Services

Looking for that hard to find IT professional?  Let Boolajah search its extensive database of IT professionals for you.  We have developers, business analysts,  consultants, systems level professionals, DBAs, that we can place at your company either temporarily or permanently.

  • Consulting

IT is an integral component of  every business, and everyone needs access. Every company requires their systems to be available 24/7.  Boolajah offers experienced, full time, highly trained IT professionals with a variety of skill sets to meet your IT needs. We are well aware that good help is difficult to find and more expensive than ever to retain; all in the face of reduced budgets, staff shortages and high turnover. With this in mind, let Boolajah be your team off the bench to help you when you need it.


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